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The DNR's egg-gathering program has backup plans, and Vanderbosch said he expects that the backup Muskie lake - Elk Lake near Lake Itasca - likely will have to be tapped. The sporadic spawning season might lead to a low year for fish that hatch naturally, because early males might tire and leave the area before females drop their eggs. But Dirk Peterson, chief of the DNR's Fisheries Division, said fishermen need not necessarily worry. By the time the fish are grown, they might be plentiful. "Sometimes low natural reproduction can result in lower competition, which can lead to a healthy year class," Peterson said. By: Craig Sandell © 2006 Anyone who has fished Musky for a while has heard the stories of the Musky action that seems to always happen when someone new to the adventure of Musky angling is taken out for the first time. This was the hope when Rob Meusec and I took our long time mutual friend Dave out for his first Musky adventure. Dave had gotten a new lease on life by virtue of a liver transplant. Dave’s circumstance encouraged him to adopt the approach to his new life to ‘not put anything off until tomorrow when it can be done today’. Dave had always talked about Musky fishing with Rob and me but never seemed to make the connection until now.