Musky America Magazine

bigger the lake, the harder it is to find Muskie. Most of the fun in Muskie fishing is in the chase not the catching! A New Face for the Musky Angler By: Craig Sandell © 2020 Dirty, odiferous, un-kept and obsessed…all descriptions of the Muskie angler on the prowl for this freshwater shark. We have all seen him…up before dawn and stumbling his way down to the dock with rods and tackle box in hand. Setting out from the dock, his boat is consumed by the morning mist as he makes his way to the place where Muskie are found. Now, some would find this description of the dedicated Muskie angler almost ‘romantic’. Truth be told, however, there is a high price paid by the Muskie angler for this narrowly focused pursuit of this single tenacious species…a price that is not only financial, but physical and emotional as well. Each year there has been a change in what has come to be known as the ‘typical’ Muskie angler. I noticed the change at Muskie Shows over the past few years. You are no longer fighting your way through the isles at Musky shows. The crush of Musky anglers has dwindled to a relative trickle a bit each year and they are somewhat better dressed, there are father/son