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the baitfish are currently holding, what the water temperature is and the latest hot spot. Most muskie hunters are very dedicated to their sport and plan every step in hopes of a successful day on the water. They sharpen hooks, oil reels, select baits, check equipment and prepare their boat for each and every outing. Some do numerous hours of homework locating information about the lake, studying maps for expected hot spots, even contacting local guides, bait stores and marinas to pick up on more (hopefully useful) information. The problem with compiling this information weeks or sometimes months in advance, is that conditions change quickly. Muskie locations can differ drastically depending on weather change, the amount of daylight hours, water temperature and many other daily occurrences. The information that you have compiled may not be accurate during your fishing adventure on a new body of water. With a small investment, (compared to the cost of muskie equipment) the success of your trip can be improved dramatically when you hire a local guide. By doing this you can considerably increase your knowledge of the specific lake you are fishing! Even if you only spend a half day with a guide service, you can benefit from their combined knowledge and expertise in location, weather conditions, lure selection and the type of presentations that have produced fish in the past few days or weeks. These guides have compiled quality fishing logs over the years and can tell you what has happened during the same conditions in previous years. Most guide services are on the lake nearly every day and have firsthand knowledge of day to day, on the water situations that a bait store employee or marina employee probably doesn't have. Most guide services have a