Musky America Magazine

shore-line of the island. My depth finder showed me in 10 - 12 feet of water. I was casting into 5 - 8 feet of water. My slow troll was moving me parallel to the submerged sand and weed bar that protruded from the point of the island. I was now fishing water that had already been covered by the other boat. In my mind I was just going through the motions. My lure stripped the 40 LB test white micron line from my vintage 1976 reel as I bombed casts across the point of the island. As I reeled in the surface bait, the Best American Globe gurgled and clicked its way over the water. I found myself fixated on the patch of blue sky winking through the overcast. It was quiet and restful and my thoughts strayed to decisions about dinner. Half-way through my retrieve this picture of serenity was interrupted by an eruption in the water as a Muskie exploded onto my globe. Instinct caused me to pull back on my graphite and fiberglass rod as I felt the Muskie bang my lure. The line stayed tight and I knew that I had him. I set the hook again for insurance and reeled in the line to maintain the tension. I didn't know how big he was, but from his fight I felt that he was at least a legal Muskie (34 inches). He dove straight down under the boat. I could feel him shaking his head as he tried to throw the lure. I was consumed by the dual emotions of exhilaration at the fight and fear that the Muskie would throw the lure before I had a chance to even see him. As he came up from under the boat, he propelled himself out of the water, his gills flaring and head thrashing. I couldn't tell how big he was but I did see that I only had 1 hook in him. I knew that it was only a matter of time before he threw the hook. With one hand firmly grasping the rod, I reached for the net. With the net in one hand and the rod in the other, I tried to maneuver the Muskie into position. He made another run, stripping line from the reel. I threw the net down and re-established tension on the line. I grabbed the net again and coaxed the Muskie into